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Aquariumforum Berlin Brandenburg
A German aquaristik site from Berlin and Brandenburg. With a gallery, chat, lexikon, and a lot more.

AQUABERLIN - Das Forum für Aquarianer aus Berlin und Brandenburg
Neues und kostenloses Forum für alles rund um das Aquarium. Wir diskutieren Themen im Bereich Meer- und Süβwasseraquaristik. Es gibt eine Tauschbörse und ein Gästebrett. Termine von Messen und Ausstellungen werden im Kalender angezeigt. (New and free forum for everything related to aquariums. We discuss topics related to marine and fresh water aquariums. There is a sharing network and a guest panel. Schedule of trade fairs and exhibitions are displayed in the calendar.)

Newagereefs is a website made by reefers for reefers! The goal of is to provide a place where reefers of all experience levels can come together and share their love of this addictive hobby.

Native Fish Keepers
A forum dedicated to the keeping of North American native fish.

Cichliden-Info Forum
German forum with the theme of cichlids from all over the world. We also have a gallery, a list of links, glossary and much more.

Dramatic AquaScapes
Do-it-yourself aquarium and semi-aquatic background designs beyond the traditional.

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