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General Aquaria

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Authority Aquarium
Run by marine biologists, AuthorityAquarium is a comprehensive guide for fish-keeping enthusiasts. We provide everything from filter reviews, aquarium guides, to LED aquarium lighting tips.

About Fish Online Tropical Fish
An excellent saltwater and tropical fish website that covers saltwater fish, freshwater fish, invertebrates, fish health and disease treatment, and aquarium maintenance.

Tropical Fish Information
Designed for beginners, we have how-to guides, FAQs, articles, fish profiles, forums and more!

Love Fish Tank
Love Fish Tank is a website about fish tank supplies and aquarium fish care.

Aquariphiles - For the Love of Fish Keeping
Aquariphiles is a hobby site about aquariums and fish keeping in general.

The Fishes and Fishing Data Website
The site contains sections on different aspects of fishkeeping, rehoming, fish articles and new sections are being added regularly.

We provide information about aquariums, ponds, fish and how to keep and breed them.

Fish Supply Guide
Providing the best information, knowledge and guides about all topics related to freshwater and saltwater fish.

Aquarium Chatter
Aquarium Chatter features saltwater, freshwater and reef aquarium information. Additional topics include fish breeding and other various aquarium projects.

Aquarium Owner
We at Aquarium Owner are a group of passionate aquarium owners and are here to offer support and provide information.

Aquarium Universe
Complete aquarium resource site. Aquarium information, photos and videos, diy 3d background aquarium, piranha aquarium photos, aquarium products, plus fun corner with screensavers, trivia, and games.

Offers aquarists a variety of information on keeping freshwater tropical fish, as well as DIY projects and other information for maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Badman's Tropical Fish
One of the oldest aquarium sites on the Web. Badman's has articles about tropical fish, a forum, DIY projects, aquatic diseases, aquatic plants, and more.

Aquarium für Anfänger
On our site you will find everything you need to know about the construction, the equipment, the care of your aquarium as a beginner. Get our up-to-date information on aquariums and aquarium technology (lighting, pumps, carbon dioxide fertilization), plants, decoration and fishing as well as the feeding of fish.

Fish Channel
Get the latest fish news and articles from the editors of AQUARIUM FISH magazine. See fish species profiles, the setup photo gallery and get fish information. Take fish polls & quizzes, send fish e-cards, and make your setup's own Webpage.

The First Tank Guide
This site provides aquarium tips and information based on over twenty years of experience. The purpose of the site is to help beginning aquarists set up and properly maintain their aquariums.

Aquarium Tipps
German blog about aquariums and related products with tips and tricks.

Pet Fish Talk
Has a weekly Internet talk show that gives advice to aquarists. They also have a lot of information on particular fish species and also tips for maintaining a healthy aquarium.

Tropical Fish Data
Articles on tropical fish care and breeding. This site also has tropical fish photos and videos.

Wet Web Media
Is a comprehensive resouce for the aquarium hobby. They discuss both freshwater and marine fish species, and invertebrate care. Wet Web Media also publishes the online magazine The Conscientious Aquarist.

Aquarium Fish News
Aquarium Fish News is blog providing aquarium hobby news from all over the Web to you.

Aquarium Overload
A website dedicated to the the aquarium hobby. The website documents my saltwater and freshwater aquariums, fish breeding, and diy topics.
Learn everything you need to know to successfully setup and maintain your first aquarium, be it freshwater or marine.

Aquariumfische und Aquarientechnik
Alles rund um Aquariumfische und Aquarientechnik (Everything about aquarium fish and aquarium technology).

Love Fish Tank
Welcome! You should visit Love Fish Tank firstly before starting with your first aquarium. Our site contains everything about fish and aquariums.

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