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General Aquaria 3

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How Many Fish Can I Put In My Aquarium?
Calculate how many fish an aquarium can support using tank surface area, including hexagon tanks.

Fish Tank Planner
Fish Tank Planner is a free to use online application that allows users to create fish tank plans. The fish tank plan provides feedback to users such as tank size required, ideal water parameters and potential problems.

Mark's Pet Fish
Is a site dedicated to the care of pet fish. This site has dozens of fish profiled with new ones being added regularly. The site's goal is to be a friendly and helpful site with it's motto being, "sharing the knowledge of pet fish care."

Tropical Aquarium Fish
Everything you need to know about tropical fish.

Tim's Tropical Fish
Information about freshwater and saltwater tropical fish species, fish care, discussion forum, compatibility and aquarium maintenance.

Betta Trading
Betta Trading is a small shop in South Australia. Our web site is mainly information about fish and keeping them.

Pet Fish Shop Stars
The world's first online aquarium fish shop review site. Providing independent reviews on online aquarium fish on the web and recommending the best online aquarium fish shops to shop at. - Watch Tropical Fish Videos
Watch tropical fish videos and salt water fish videos. Share your favorite pet fish videos or start up your own video group! Interact with others with similar interest.
Learn everything you need to know to successfully set up and maintain your first freshwater or saltwater aquarium.

Aquarium Owner
We at Aquarium Owner are a group of passionate aquarium owners and are here to offer support and provide information.

Aquarium Fish News
Aquarium Fish News is blog providing aquarium hobby news from all over the Web to you.

Aquarium Overload
A website dedicated to the the aquarium hobby. The website documents my saltwater and freshwater aquariums, fish breeding, and diy topics.
Learn everything you need to know to successfully setup and maintain your first aquarium, be it freshwater or marine.

Aquariumfische und Aquarientechnik
Alles rund um Aquariumfische und Aquarientechnik (Everything about aquarium fish and aquarium technology).

Love Fish Tank
Welcome! You should visit Love Fish Tank firstly before starting with your first aquarium. Our site contains everything about fish and aquariums.

Fish Channel
Get the latest fish news and articles from the editors of AQUARIUM FISH magazine. See fish species profiles, the setup photo gallery and get fish information. Take fish polls & quizzes, send fish e-cards, and make your setup's own Webpage.

Pages: 1, 2, 3