My Skalare
A private homepage about the king of fish, angelfish, with affiliated forum. Here you will find everything about the care up to the diseases of these fish. There is also the possibility to acquire juveniles from my offspring. (This Site is in German.)

Breeding Angelfish
A guide to keeping and breeding tropical freshwater angelfish. Forum
The Angelfish forum is dedicated to topics concerning the freshwater Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare and Pterophyllum altum) including Angelfish care, health, and breeding, as well as other aquarium related topics.

Mellow Aquatics
Mellow Aquatics offers outstanding varieties of freshwater angelfish online to tropical fish hobbyists and angelfish breeders.

Angels Plus
Order several varieties of beautiful freshwater angelfish online and also visit our aquarium fish supplies store where you'll find fish foods, aquarium supplies and fish breeding items.