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Age of Aquariums
Offers information to aquarists on how to successfully maintain their aquarium, how to care for freshwater and saltwater fish, invertebrates, aquatic plants, and more. They have a discussion forum. Age of Aquariums has both a Spanish and English version.

FINS: The Fish Information Service
Has information of interest to both freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists.

Everything Aquatic
A unique aquarium forum that not only has a typical (and VERY friendly) board, but also has a member driven blog, fish profiles section, and links to the most current and researched aquarium information available. - Aquarium 2.0
User showing their tanks online. Community with thousands of beautiful examples how to set up an aquarium.

Start A Fish Tank is a community site designed for the beginning and intermediate freshwater or saltwater aquarist.

Rate My Fish Tank
Rate photos of fish tanks, read aquarium articles, visit the fish photo gallery, the forums, and watch videos of aquarium fish. - Intelligent Aquarium Stocking Calculator is an intelligent aquarium stocking calculator featuring bioload calculator, compatibility checker, and a filtration capacity checker. It features a growing species database with more than 40 attributes per each species.

Aquarium Digest
The purpose of this website is to provide the reader with the best/highlights of aquarium and pond care/information articles.

Tropical Fish Answers
Setting up your aquarium, fish species, fish diseases, water conditioning, everything you need to know about tropical fish.

Moj Biljni Akvarijum
Serbian aquascaping portal.

Aquarien Magazin
A lot of information about your aquarium.

All About Tropical Fish
Keeping Tropical Fish in a home aquarium can be more complicated than it sounds. Come take a look and find out more about this wonderful hobby that has been a past time for thousands of people for many years.

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