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Latest Aquarium and Fish Links

Freshwater Crayfish
Keeping crayfish as pets is awesome. Catch your own and just have your tank ready for your next addition to your tank. Crawdads can actually be great bottom feeders and help clean your aquarium too.
Added September 11, 2014 - Category: Invertebrates

Arowana Fish Resource
One of the coolest predator fish to keep is the Arowana fish. They are crazy aggressive and are known to feed on almost anything that moves. Do the proper research and hangout with those that have kept these fish for decades. A healthy fish lives a longer life.
Added August 31, 2014 - Category: Arowanas

Caring for Fish Tanks
The number one mistake beginners make when setting up ap new aquarium is just filling it with water and tossing the fish in.. they are going to die without established bacteria and that's the hardest part to setting up a tank.
Added August 27, 2014 - Category: Fish Health

Guppies & Guppy Fish
Some of the most beautiful and easiest aquarium fish are guppies. Learn how to take care of them in 10 basic steps and these are fool proof.
Added August 27, 2014 - Category: Guppies

Betta Fish Caretaker
Most beginners screw up taking care of their new betta fish. There are 5 main reasons that people screw this up. These fish are dying on people within a couple days on average.. Make a change and do some proper research.
Added August 26, 2014 - Category: Bettas

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