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Saltwater Aquarium Blog
Build a better aquarium with Saltwater Aquarium Blog. Learn the best tips, tricks, corals, fish and gear to take your saltwater aquarium to the next level.

Leafy & Weedy Seadragons
Website dedicated completely to seadragons - both the Leafy (Phycodurus eques) and the Weedy Seadragon (Phyllopteryx taeniolatus). General information, care details, seadragons for sale, recommended websites, beautiful photos.

Pet Seahorse
A website all about keeping happy and healthy pet seahorses. Also offers general information about the amazing seahorse.

Mad Hatter's Reef
Find a large selection of saltwater aquarium and reef tank information for new and advanced hobbyist. Mad Hatter's Reef is a great source for marine fish.

At we carry a wide variety of everything saltwater!
At we carry a wide variety of everything saltwater! You can stock your saltwater aquarium for less with corals for your reef tank, invertebrates to clean it up and saltwater fish to enjoy. As well as saltwater food for the pickiest eaters and anything else you need to make your saltwater aquarium shine!

About Fish Online Tropical Fish
An excellent saltwater and tropical fish website that covers saltwater fish, freshwater fish, invertebrates, fish health and disease treatment, and aquarium maintenance. Also has a discussion forum.

Melev's Reef
An interesting aquarium and reef Web site that has many very detailed do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. This site also has articles on aquarium and reef maintenance, as well as many photos and videos of saltwater fish.

Saltwater Aquarium Guide
Provides useful information to saltwater aquarists as well as product and book reviews.

Saltwater Aquarium Guide
Articles about marine fish keeping, diseases, water quality, algae control, and more.

ReefKeepers is a unique trading arena where reef keeping enthusiasts, whether companies or individuals, can buy and sell corals, invertebrates, fish, and reef keeping equipment. ReefKeepers is designed specifically for saltwater marine aquarium hobbyists.

The Reef Tank
A community of reef and salt water aquarists.
Cycle your tank in 24 hours, cured live rock in one week, Get rid of hair algae for good with the revolutionary Hiatt's 24hour aerobic nitrogen cycle filtration system.

My Reef Blog
For intresting articles, information and more with everything related to marine reefkeeping visit my blog.

Temperate Reef
Forums, FAQs, and information center for the temperate reef aquarium.

The small side of reef aquariums, is a website dedicated to the nano side of the marine aquarium hobby featuring news, product reviews and the blog for a 12g ZEOvit SPS based reef tank.

The Salty Box
The UK's only non-sponsored marine reefkeeping forum. Helpful, friendly and infomative. Loads of monthly competitions. Record your tank tests online and much more. Join us today!

Saltwater Aquarium Blog
Saltwater aquarium fish and coral information for the marine reef hobbyist.

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