Aquarium Magazines

Fishkeeping Advice
We cover everything from freshwater and saltwater fish, to setting up and decorating your tank. If it has anything to do with fishkeeping, we will cover it.

The Octopus News Magazine Online The Octopus News Magazine Online is an online community and news resource for anything and everything pertaining to octopuses, squids and cephalopods. This includes research and biology, pet care, fossils, tattoos, images and video clips, art and culture, diving, marine conservation, and more.

Practical Fishkeeping
Covers all aspects of the aquarium hobby (e.g., freshwater, saltwater, reef keeping, pond fish, and more). The magazine is located in the UK, but is also available in the United States.

Tropical Fish Hobbyist
Tropical Fish Hobbyist is the oldest aquarium fish magazine for the aquarium hobby. It covers freshwater and saltwater fish, aquarium maintenance, invertebrates, and more.