Pond Supplies & Services

Pond Supplies
Since 1991, C.D. Aquatics have provided high quality aquatic equipment. Trust us with pond supplies, garden supplies, aquarium supplies and more. We can assist the family pet today.

When thinking about a garden pond, you'll have a lot of questions. How do I build a pond? Which plants do I choose? Which pond fish are best for me? Get the answers to these questions and more tips and advice on our site.

COVAC - Pond/Water Tank Lining
We reline and coat ponds, water tanks, etc.

Acothane UK
Polyurethane protective coating for ponds and other water tanks.

Pond Megastore LLC
Pond Megastore provides top quality japanese koi carp and pond fish such as shubunkins, comets, fantails, and invertebrates. Fish foods and medications available as well as books.

Gardensite offers secure online purchasing on many garden products including pond pumps, pond filters, aquariums, aquariums accessories and much more.

Shirley Aquatics Pond Pumps
Pumps for all types of ponds at great prices. Visit today!

AquaLiners Direct
AquaLiners Direct is known as a leading provider of pond liners throughout the UK. Being a distributor of highly-known brands such as Firestone, browse online and order today.

Stephens Industries | Pond Liners
Stephens Industries, based in Wiltshire is a known leader for pond and lake liner requirements throughout the UK. From small decorative ponds to larger lakes and reservoirs, browse online and contact our team.