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The Aquarium Guide | Freshwater Aquarium Resources
The Aquarium Guide (TAG) is a freshwater aquarium resources for hobbyist by fellow hobbyist. TAG also provides aquascaping tips and equipment reviews. Tropical Fish
This Web site is available in both English and Hungarian. It covers many freshwater and brackish water fish species including livebearers, cichlids, labyrinth fishes, and others.

Guppy Blog is a site that chronicles the experiences of a Singaporean Guppy Breeder and enthusiast.

Robyn's Fishy Page
A site that has a variety of articles and topics on freshwater aquarium fish.

Aquarium Mayhem
We are a freshwater aquarium forum for beginners, so if you just set up an aquarium or are in the planning stages, this is the forum for you.

Freshwater Fishes of the World
Dr. Jungle's pet and animal care resource - all types of tropical fish and aquatic plants. Pictures of tropical fish, fish care and fish information. All types of Central American, South American, and African cichlids; goldfish; catfish; livebearers including guppies, mollies, platys, and swordfish: labyrinth fish including bettas and gouramis: tetras, hatchetfish, silver dollars, and more characins; barbs, danios, rasboras and sharks; as well as loaches, killifish, knifefish, eels, elephantfish, freshwater rays, and more. All kinds of tropical fish!

Amy's Guide to Aquarium Fish
An easy to follow guide to freshwater aquarium fish by an experienced fishkeeper.

Freshwater Fish Fanatics
If you're searching for a website to help you start in the hobby of keeping fish or breeding then search no more! Freshwater Fish Fanatics will tell you everything about freshwater fish, invertebrates and plants. Also, win stuff in our Contests and Competitions section!

Fish Beginner
The purpose of "FISH BEGINNER" is to provide quick, basic information that is primarily helpful for beginners in a "FAQ" format, but is also a quick reference for more advanced aquarium or pond keepers.

Earths Friends Fish
Advice articles for getting started on which freshwater aquarium fish to get and the conditions you need to maintain a healthy aquarium.

Fish Keeping Guides and Tips | Fishza King
Fishza King provides guides, tips and reviews for all aquarium enthusiasts. It is a great resource for both beginners who wish to start their own tank and for advanced aquarists who wish to expand their knowledge.