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Saltwater Aquarium Blog
Build a better aquarium with Saltwater Aquarium Blog. Learn the best tips, tricks, corals, fish and gear to take your saltwater aquarium to the next level.

Mad Hatter's Reef
Find a large selection of saltwater aquarium and reef tank information for new and advanced hobbyist. Mad Hatter's Reef is a great source for marine fish.

About Fish Online Marine Fish
Read articles about marine aquarium fish and more.

Melev's Reef
An interesting aquarium and reef Web site that has many very detailed do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. This site also has articles on aquarium and reef maintenance, as well as many photos and videos of saltwater fish.

The Reef Tank
A community of reef and salt water aquarists.

My Reef Blog
For intresting articles, information and more with everything related to marine reefkeeping visit my blog.

Temperate Reef
Forums, FAQs, and information center for the temperate reef aquarium.

The Salty Box
The UK's only non-sponsored marine reefkeeping forum. Helpful, friendly and infomative. Loads of monthly competitions. Record your tank tests online and much more. Join us today!