Aquarium & Tropical Fish Organizations

American Cichlid Association
Membership in this organization gives you access to conventions, members-only areas of their Web site, their online Trading Post, and their bi-monthly publication Buntbarsche Bulletin.

American Killifish Association
The goal of this organization is to advance the study and conservation of killifish and to promote fellowship among its members. Although this organization is located within the United States of American, membership is open to people from any country.

American Livebearer Association
An association whose members are interested in livebearing fish. Members of this association receive the bi-monthly publication Livebearers as well as other benefits.

The Angelfish Society
This society is a not-for-profit organization that sets the standards for freshwater angelfish breeding. Membership is $5 per year.

International Fancy Guppy Association
This organization aims to promote the breeding and keeping of fancy guppies in the aquarium hobby.