Aquarium Forums

Tropical Fish
Hobbyist community for freshwater and saltwater tropical fish tank keepers, step-by-step tutorials, articles, and forum.

Shrimp Keepers Forum
Shrimp keeping and aquatic forums, talk with hobbyist around the world. From beginners to advanced, post your questions in our forum.

Aquarium Fish Forum
Aquarium fish and reef forum.

Tropical Fish Forums
A very active fish forum with almost 40,000 members. Topics covered include both freshwater and saltwater fish. They also offer live chat to forum members.

Tropical Fish Forums UK
This is an active tropical fish forum where you may ask and find answers to your aquarium and fish keeping questions. They also have many photos and articles related to tropical fish keeping.

Aquarium Forum
Find out all of the answers to your aquarium and fish keeping questions at

A friendly online community for aquarium owners all over the world who love their tanks including their fish, reefs, corals, invertebrates and their aquatic livestock.

The Reef Tank
A community of reef and salt water aquarists.

Aquarium Mayhem
We are a freshwater aquarium forum for beginners, so if you just set up an aquarium or are in the planning stages, this is the forum for you.

Everything Aquatic
A unique aquarium forum that not only has a typical (and VERY friendly) board, but also has a member driven blog, fish profiles section, and links to the most current and researched aquarium information available.

Aquaria Central
An aquarium forum covering freshwater, marine, brackish, tropical, and coldwater fish, terrariums and vivariums, DIY projects, classifieds, and more.

3reef - Reef Aquarium and Fish Forums
Your reef aquarium forum to discuss saltwater fish tanks, tropical fish, corals, and fish filters. Also freshwater information on tetras, goldfish, cichlids, and more!

The Salty Box
The UK's only non-sponsored marine reefkeeping forum. Helpful, friendly and infomative. Loads of monthly competitions. Record your tank tests online and much more. Join us today!

Biotope Aquarium Forum
We are a forum for recent creation, amateur biotope aquariums and fish habitat that we maintain in our aquariums. We invite you to join us and participate in the international community that we are creating. Our language at the moment are the English and Spanish as the fans of this type of aquarium handed out to us by the world Animate to register and discover this interesting branch of the aquarium.

Aquarium Phantasies
Aquarium Phantasies Forum is an all around freshwater & saltwater aquarium fish and aquatics forum. We are an ad free forum, it's for everyone that wishes to share their experience in fish keeping & breeding. New members are always welcome.

Aquariumforum Berlin Brandenburg
A German aquaristik site from Berlin and Brandenburg. With a gallery, chat, lexikon, and a lot more.

Native Fish Keepers
A forum dedicated to the keeping of North American native fish.

Cichliden-Info Forum
German forum with the theme of cichlids from all over the world. We also have a gallery, a list of links, glossary and much more. is your one centralized resource for everything relating to the aquarium hobby.