Aquatic Invertebrates

Pieces of the Ocean
Pieces of the Ocean sells a variety of live coral through coral auctions and WSISYG collections.

We are specialist in aquarium shrimps and crayfish. We offer cheap and fast shipping for your parcels (worldwide).

The Octopus News Magazine Online The Octopus News Magazine Online is an online community and news resource for anything and everything pertaining to octopuses, squids and cephalopods. This includes research and biology, pet care, fossils, tattoos, images and video clips, art and culture, diving, marine conservation, and more.

The Shrimp Farm strives to be the leading resources for accurate and reliable Dwarf Shrimp information. Also offers live aquarium shrimp for sale.

Garnelen im Aquarium
A German site all about keeping shrimp in your aquarium.

Garnelen Aquarium
A Website all about freshwater shrimp aquarium and everything related to it.

Planet Inverts
United States largest breeder of freshwater shrimp.

Complete aquarium fish shrimp and snail profiles. Aquadiction provides detailed information on breeding and caring for over 300 rare and common species.